Trish De la Rosa
Character information
Full name Patricia Maria De La Rosa
Nickname Trish,
Trishipoo(I hate that nickname)
Gender female
Born on February 17, 1996
Address Miami, Florida
Occupation(s) Austins's manager, Ally's manager, many quit/fired from
Family & Friends
Family Mom, Dad, Brother
Friends Ally Dawson, Austin Moon, Dez
Enemies all of my bosses and some others
Relationships Trent (ex-boyfriend, Roger (ex-boyfriend),Dez (possible crush)
Other information
Interests money, managing, gifts, having fun
Education Marino High School
Roleplaying information
Face claim Raini Rodriguez
Portrayer heatherblast9


– manager of 2, always changing

 – Guess who got a job at?

What's up?


Hair Color: black/dark brown

Eye Color: brown 

Trademark: Animal print fabrics and bright colors

I usually wear loud and daring clothes with flats. I barely ever wear heels. I usually have a headband of some sort that's for my new job, which changes often.


Juanita De la RosaEdit

Juanita is my mom. She wanted me to wear her quinceañera dress at my quinceañera, but it wasn't my style. She remembers a lot of my jobs.

Alexander De la RosaEdit

My dad danced with me at my quinceañera. I can't ever remember my parents' middle names, but I think he's cool with that.

JJ De la RosaEdit

JJ is my little brother. He's a terrible magician, but I still let him perform at my quinceañera. We tease each other and say we hate each other alot, but we do love each other.


I was born on February 17, 1996, the same month as my best friend, Ally Most of my childhood goes by in a blur, except I remember alot of fun times. Like when I got my first job as hall moniter in kindergarten. I can't believe I got fired for charging the kids. You can't blame for trying to get a little pocket change. When I was almost 8, Ally's parents divorced and I helped her through it. It was a really sad time.

A few years went by, and we met Dez and Austin. They stole Ally's song and she got really mad. Austin tried to make Ally perform on stage, and Ally made a fool of herself because of her stagefright. It was hilarious! I cried tears of laughter when I saw the video. Or it was my eyes burning from Dez's dumb perfume. Then, Austin and Ally became partners and I was stuck with Dez, while she had a rising star. Life is not fair. But at least I got to become Austin's manager. 

On New Years Eve, I got Austin to achieve his dream of performing in Times Square. Because I'm a perfect manager like that. Okay, it was less than perfect, and without the help of this rich girl, Emma, and her nanny, Jessie, we would have never made it.

Almost a quarter of a year later, I witnessed Ally Dawson be reunited with her mom and defeat her stage fright. After that, Dez and I accidentally caught Ally and Austin kissing, then Kira comes by and becomes Austin's girlfriend. That is so not right. Austin finally stopped being a wuss and broke up with Kira. Austin and Ally dated, but they broke up like a week later about 'saving their friendship.'  Which was kind of a good thing. I'm a fan of those two, but I was worried they'd try to set me up with Dez. Plus, they both wouldn't be happy if they broke up and writing songs together would be awkward and that would become a problem. But maybe one day they'll get back together. I'm sure of it.

I then became Ally's manager. I've been fired more than once, but I'm her manager now. I tried to get her signed to a record deal with Jimmy Starr, Kira's dad, but some stuff happened. He offered her a record deal, but I had some other plans in mind. I'm working on getting Ally signed with some other labels. I'm also working on something big with Austin. But Ally's gonna become a star, too!


People try to call me loud, obnoxious, and selfish. But I shut them up really quickly. They don't know me if that's what they see me as. I'm loyal (most of the time) to my friends, and I love them all. I love fashion. I have a bit of a temper problem. Or as I call "not letting people walk all over me." I love money. That's why I'm always getting new jobs. But I hate working. That's why I'm always getting fired from my new jobs.


Ally DawsonEdit

Ally is my best friend I've known since kindergarten. She's kind of dorky, but she's awesome once you get to know her. I'm her manager. You should know that. I mentioned her alot in my history. She's really smart, kind, beautiful, and very talented(but not at dancing!). She writes amazing songs. She and Austin are complicated, but are really good friends.

Austin MoonEdit

Austin is my client and another one of my best friends. He is a great friend but I've been fired once. He quickly rehired me though. I got him to perform alot of cool gigs and achieve his lifetime goal. He's an awesome dancer, and great singer.  He's also a pretty cool friend. Don't tell anyone, but he obviously has a crush on Ally.


Dez is Austin's childish best friend. He's really weird and always does crazy things. At least he's not boring.  He and I both love Zaliens,  we have the same favorite number, and the same fvorite Zaliens movie. Don't tell anyone, but I consider him almost as close as Ally.

  • I really like my hair here. I would wear it like this more often, but it's so much work.
  • Austin, Ally, and me
  • My mom and I at my party
  • Dez and me at Sonic Boom
  • Me as Hall Monitor in Kindergarten
  • Dez took a picture of me in my fairy costume.