Sierra Maine
Character information
Full name Sierra Hilary Maine
Nickname CeCe, Erra
Gender female
Born on May 23, 1996
Address Miami, Florida
Occupation(s) Student, songwriter, possibly future rapper
Family & Friends
Family Mama, Papa, 2 Big Bros, 1 Little Bro, and 1 Little Sis
Friends my family and some others
Enemies A lot
Pets I've got brothers. Does that count?
Relationships Nonexistent
Other information
Interests rapping, singing, Austin Moon, dancing,etc.
Education Marino High School
Roleplaying information
Face claim Becky G
Portrayer Heatherblast9


– Student,Fan,Songwriter

 – I'm a beast!

Hey!I like you already.


Hair Color:black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Trademark:My gap

My style is girly but urban. With a dress and some hi-tops or a necklace with my fitted hoodie.


Aaliyah MaineEdit

My mama. She gave birth to me. She's cool.

Larry MaineEdit

My Papa. Very overprotective, but he's awesome.

Alexander MaineEdit

My oldest brother. He lives with his wife in Texas. He visits sometimes.

Darren MaineEdit

He's a senior in high school. My parents call him a slacker but I call him free spirited.

Luis MaineEdit

My little brother. He's in preschool and he's already playing soccer and got a sense of humor.

Lanie MaineEdit

The baby of the family. She's not even a year yet, and is one of the only girls in this house. Don't know much about her personality yet.


I was born in Austin, Texas. Our family moved to Miami when I was 4. I was homeschooled, but then my parents thought it'd be too much to handle when I turned 7, so I went to a regular school. I don't really have much to say.


I'm sarcastic, urban, and I guess I'm friendly. I'm kind of outgoing as I have a pretty big family. I'm also very nosy, as my parents call it, but I like to call it curious.


Ally Dawson

I think I've heard of her.

Austin Moon

Huge fan.




I think I went to elementary school with Ally and her.  She never kept a job.