Marvel Link
Character information
Full name Marvel Anise Link
Nickname Mar-Mar
Gender Female
Born on December 28, 1996
Address Miami, Florida
Occupation(s) Senior at Marino High
Family & Friends
Family Hamilton Link (father)
Shannon Link (mother)
Friends Austin
Enemies A few...
Relationships Single.....
Other information
Interests Internet
Education Marino High School
Roleplaying information
Face claim Eva Bourne
Portrayer Chloe

Cyberchase! We're moving, We're beatin' hacker at his game, Don't try to tell me we won't fail, cause motherboard
will get him every timecause of this world, freaky places that we see, we've got the power Of one, two, three, four!

 running into cyberchase, we'll meet him face to face,we'll stick together all the time, adventures in
cyberspace. the chase is on, that's great
we're in c-y-b-e-r chase



Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Trademark: Eyes
I wear casual clothes I try to look pretty but I prefer natural beauty without makeup. It's just artificial and I hate fake stuff. :]


Hamilton Link

He is my overly strict father but not to worry if he likes you he'll joke around with you. He tends to spoil me a lot and he never calls me by my name he calls me Nissy for some reason.

Shannon Link

My mom is a loving woman but do not get her wrong, she tends to be a bit more meaner than my father. She's somewhat friendly but she smack talks so watch out. Just get on her good side and she'll leave you alone.


I was born on December 28,1996 about a 3 days before Christmas, it's quite ironic because my due date was actually Christmas of '96 my mom thought I'd be at least born by December 11 because babies tend to come early but I was late, she even joked that maybe I'd be born January of 1997. Well I had an easy childhood well not easy tragic actually. I had a younger sister, Elsie born 1999 but she passed away. It was July of 2006 and Mom told us not to play by the road so I sat down by the porch and was quietly reading while little Elsie decided to Jump rope in the street after screaming at her and telling her get off the road and her refusing I got Mom but it was too late as soon as we started screaming at her a car swiveled by and hit her. She was declared dead at the scene. The sad part is that on my half birthday which is over in 3 minutes today sage would have been 15. I try to not remember it but I'm not as sad I still talk to her. I grew up quick and started going to high school I just graduated this year and I'm going to Pace University, the school I was accepted into.


I 'm nice when I want to which is generally but I can get mean and defensive. When people do things that get on my Evers I snap out of my kind zone and get angry especially if up you have known me long enough and talk about my deceased sister. I also gate it when people pity me.


Austin Moon

I like him, he's cute and super nice. We should hang out a lot more but then Ally would be mad at me :(.

Trish De La Rosa

She's cool we don't really talk that much so all I know is that she gas way too many jobs. Stop getting fired or quitting Trish !


I Luv this guy, like a bro he is way too funny I think we hang out way more than Austin and I do but he's awesome and on a random note I love his red hair.