Welcome to the Mall of Miami, a luxurious indoor and outdoor shopping mall, including the stores Melody Diner and Sonic Boom! The Mall of Miami commends all store owners for exceptional customer service for the past seven years.

Mall directoryEdit

Sonic Boom
Cell Phone Accessory Cart
Make-Up Kiosk
Susy's Soups
Pirate Frank's Fish Fry Seafood Restaurant
Cupcake City
Lost & Found
Tech Town
Cheese Out of My League
Cheese Just OK
Yo Yo Cart
Zinga Juice
It's a Racket
Pick a Card
Megaphone World
Coffee Kiosk
Billl's Surfshop
The Pet Store
The Magic Store
Scoop There it is
Sausage Cart
Melody Diner
Mailboxes and So Forth
We B Toys
Shot in the Park
Shot in the Dark
The Yarn Barn
Puffy's Pillows
The Pitchfork and Torch Store
Everyday's Beachy Rentals