This information comes from the Lumblr Wiki.

This is a guide for roleplaying .

Creating characters

To create a character, you will need to go to Forum:Claim Characters and type your character name in the box where it says "Claim a character".

Fill in the preloaded template, and await for an admin to approve your character.

When your character has been approved, you may create a page for your character.

Character pages should have a few things on them.

  1. An infobox. (Template:Infobox character)
  2. An appearance section.
  3. A family section.
  4. A history section.
  5. A personality section.
  6. A friends/relationships section
  7. A trivia section. (optional)

See Dorothy Lanston for a sample character page.

Word and action bubbles

Your character will also need a "word bubble" in order to speak to the other characters. To create a word bubble for your character, create a page and name it "Template:<name>".

Then you need to copy and paste this:

{{Word Bubble
|image= Picture name
|width= width of image
|color= top color
|color3= middle color
|textcolor= text color
|textcolor2= text color bottom
|line= middle line color
|fonttype= font type you want to use for the word bubble
|charname= how you want the character's name to appear
|charpage= the name of your character
|title= the character's occupation
|saying= character's motto or song lyrics
|color2= middle color
|color4= bottom color}}

For a list of colors that you can use, see Help:Color. If you're still unsure on what color to use, here's a color picker to help you.

Credits to the Victorious Roleplaying Wiki for the color picker code

After you decide on what color to use, click publish. To roleplay, head over to the a character's page, and in the comments, you can start your own roleplay or join an existing one. When you use this in a roleplay, you need to type {{<name>|Your message.}} For example, if your character's name is Ally and she wants to talk to Dez, type {{Ally|Hi!}}. For a sample word bubble, see Template:Dorothy.

You may also wish to use a roleplaying bubble, for your character's actions. Use this code and follow the same procedures as above. Create a new page called "Template:<name>Action" and copy and paste this to the page:

|image = File name
|color = top color
|ROLEPLAY = {{{1}}}
|color2 = bottom color
|line = line color}}

See Template:DorothyAction for a sample action page.

Creating locations

To create a location, you will need to go to Forum:Claim Location and type in Location name where it says "Claim a location". For buildings like hotels, stores, restaurants etc. you should type the name, but for houses, you should type the address.

Location Type: (e.g. house, business, street, public park, landmark etc.)
Image: An image of the location, e.g. a photo of a beach for a beach.
Current Residents: People who live in the property if it is a residential property.
Address: The address if it is a public building.
Other: Any other information.

When you are done, click publish and wait for an admin to approve your location. When it is approved you may create the page.

Content for location pages can vary, however, room by room photos of houses are not necessary, as houses will remain when characters move on.

It should however, include:

  • Where it is.
  • An infobox (Infobox location)
  • A list of residents or other locations within the location.