Ashlynn Blake
Samantha Boscarino
Character information
Full name Ashlynn May Blake
Nickname Ash, Lynn, Ashley
Gender Female
Born on May 16, 1996
Address 1304 Klause Street
Occupation(s) Student, waitress at Melody Diner
Family & Friends
Family Mom, Dad, Michael (older brother)
Friends Ally Dawson
Enemies Melanie
(old enemies/ex best friends)
Pets none
Other information
Interests Singing, rapping, having fun, reading, writing
Education Marino High School
Roleplaying information
Face claim Samantha Boscarino
Portrayer heatherblast9


– student, waitress at Melody Diner

 – A man on a mission, changing the vision, I was never welcome here.

Hey, I'm Gertrude Esquanda Kilosko! Just kidding. :D


Hair color:brown

Eye color: brown

My clothing style depends on my mood and the occasion. Usually, it's fashionable and casual, I guess.


David BlakeEdit

David is my dad. He is always trying to impress my mom, and I find it so adorable.

Diane BlakeEdit

Diane is my mom. She is always making sure I'm living a good life. She is so sweet.

Michael BlakeEdit

Michael is my brother. He's a sophomore in college and he's a really cool guy.


I was born on May 16, 1996. My mom named my middle name after the month I was born in. That's why Michael's middle name is January. When I was in preschool, my family moved to California from Illinois. Then, when I was eleven,  my mom thought California wouldn't be suitable for my brother and me and we moved to New York. When I was twelve, she realized that was an even worse decision so we moved to Ohio. 

Ohio was good at first. I had a great group of friends. Melanie, Julie, Gillian, Abbie, and I were inseperable... Or so I thought. They started getting interested in things I didn't really care for and they started to grow apart from me. They started acting like jerks to me and other people. Then, they stopped hanging out with me altogether. I had no really good friends, but I had some here and there. My brother and my Mom became my best friends. Then, my brother left for college when I was 15.

My dad got laid off when I turned 16. He found a new job in Miami, closer to Michael's college, so we moved again. My family is hoping this would be the last time we move in a long time.


Losing my friends was kind of a blow to my confidence. But I still like people, and I think I regained some of it back. And now, I know to not make differences tear people apart, but make them make us closer. The contrast in a friendship is healthy. Alot of people tell me I'm weird, and I just say, "I know I am." I'm really random.


Julie AdfordEdit

Julie was my absolute best friend in the group, but started to act really snobby and mean.

Michael BlakeEdit

My awesome, funny, brother. He's in college, but we talk sometimes.

Austin MoonEdit

Oh, the popstar? His songs are cool.

Ally DawsonEdit

If I'm correct, she's Austin's songwriter and she's a performer herself. She's a great writer. 

Trish De la RosaEdit

Who is she?


What's a dez? A candy or something?

Marvel LinkEdit

A really cool girl I met. She is really funny and seems very smart.

  • Outside after a football game. My favorite team won!
  • Me and my old friends.
  • Me as a little kid.