Ally Dawson
Character information
Full name Allyson Dawson
Nickname Ally, Allygator, Hawk Eye Dawson, Ally D., Roxy Rocket
Gender Female
Born on February 7, 1996
Address Miami, Florida
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, cashier at Sonic Boom, student, head of mall association, cloudwatcher
Family & Friends
Family Lester Dawson (father)
Penny Dawson (mother)
Friends Trish
Enemies A few...
Relationships Austin Moon (ex-boyfriend)
Other information
Interests Singing
Education Marino High School
Roleplaying information
Face claim Laura Marano
Portrayer ArianaGrandeForever
Ally 2

– Student, singer-songwriter, cloud watcher, head of mall association

 Don't touch my book!

Hey there, person of Earth. I'm Ally Dawson, cashier at Sonic Boom, songwriter, and singer. The radiant glow of a friendly smile will warm a heart for a million miles.


Hair Color: Brown with caramel highlights
Eye Color: Brown
Trademark: Hair

I usually wear clothes in neon colors. I think my style is pretty, girly, and bold. In 2011 and 2012, I used to have dark brown hair and I used to wear floral patterns, lace, and I had a bohemian-ish style. But when 2013 came, I decided to take it up a notch and dye my hair caramel, only at the tips.


Lester Dawson

Lester is my dad. He's really awesome, but I don't understand that he gives me cheese fingers for allowance sometimes. It's weird.

Penny Dawson

Penny is my mom. Even though we don't live in the same place, we're really close. We video chat all the time.


I was born on February 7, 1996. I don't really remember anything at that time, but what I do remember is that my mom, Penny, and my dad, Lester, fought a lot. When I was 8, my mom filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized a few months later. I was so sad when it happened. Through all those times, music (and Trish) were always there for me. I would sing to cheer myself up. My mom noticed my singing talent and entered me in a lot of singing competitions. An important person in the music business—I forgot his name—noticed and had me audition for a prestigous music school. When I was auditioning, I became really scared. I even thought the piano I was going to play was gonna eat me! Unfortunately, I didn't pass the audition. That's when my stage fright begun.

A few years later, I met Austin and Dez, who stole my song and put it on MyTewb. I was furious when it happened, but I learned to forgive them. Then me & Austin agreed to become partners. We had a ton of adventures with Trish and Dez.

Then, around a year after that, I finally conquered my stage fright when I sang "You Can Come to Me" with Austin. Then, we—gasp—kissed and started to date. A few weeks later, we broke up. We're still best friends though.

On late 2013, I got signed to a record deal! It's amazing. I can't believe how far I came and this is definitely still the beginning.


In 2011 and 2012, I used to be this shy, awkward girl that had HUGE stage fright. But when 2013 came, I became more and more confident of myself, and I even conquered my stage fright! I'm still geeky like I was before though.


Austin Moon

Austin is my partner is writing music. He's really cool, and we're close. We actually dated for a while, but we decided to just be friends.

Trish De La Rosa

She's my best friend. Even though she's crazy, she's my best friend forever. I love her a lot.


He's my best freckled friend. Haha. We don't really hang out much, but he's really funny and he's really...childish.